Saturday, January 26, 2013

Welcome to My New Blog!!

I am very excited to be starting a new blog. I decided to go with a name that was more general instead of a city specific blog. Adventures in Cuzco was a blast and I spent a very eventful 2 and a half years sharing my stories on that blog. I am a bit sad to see it go into the archives. It is time to move forward though and that is exactly what I am doing! Esto es Peru is a play on a few things. First, my friend Marissa, who opened Pasta Mama way back when in Cusco, always used the term "tip" meaning this is Peru. It was used when something came up and it was frustrating or different from what she was used to in the States. She would just sigh and say "Well, this is Peru." A bit negative, maybe, but on the other hand my blog is playing off the lyrics to a very popular criollo song by Eva Ayllon "Esta es mi Tierra". This wonderful montage video has the song as a background. It is a song full of pride for her country. Peru is not my country of origin but it is definitely now "mi tierra" which literally means land. I am proud to be here and living in the land of Peru. I am also proud to represent the United States as an expat. I am excited to continue my adventures with all the ups and downs that will surely come along with the ride. Get ready!

So here I am in sunny, warm Lima, Peru. We arrived two weeks ago and already I have completed two Suzuki festival courses and I have acquired two violin gigs for February. What I need to be doing is publicizing my violin teaching throughout the apartment complex. I have also managed to apply for some blogging and freelance writing jobs on It has made me want to become a better writer. I am also learning a ton about how online writing works. There is a fun term called SEO or search engine optimization. Search engines like Google have specific words that get picked up and in order for a blog or an article to move higher up on the list of found websites after a search, the writer has to make sure that key words and formatting is used. I haven't really done too much research on it so far but I am learning. I figure, if I get some freelance writing work here and there I can make a few extra bucks and lord knows I need it for everything I am saving for this year. 

In the meantime, Marco and I are slowly but surely getting settled in to living in Chorrillos. Marco has a very full course load and is studying for a test that he will have on Tuesday as I am writing. What an exciting Saturday night! We did go see a movie last weekend though. It was called SOS Familia en Apuros. In English it is called Parental Guidance. It stars Bette Midler and Billy Crystal as the quirky grandparents that become more a part of their daughter's family as they attempt to watch their grandchildren during a vacation for the parents. It was pretty funny. The child actor who played the youngest son was too adorable. Seeing a movie was a treat since there are still no movie theaters in Cusco. They are apparently working on constructing one though. That is exciting!

I have slowly been getting to know the city of Lima. I had to take an hour long bus ride to get to the Suzuki Festival in San Isidro, 3 districts away from Chorrillos. I have also been to the center of Lima with Marco. I had to find where Interpol was for my carnet, and I have figured out how to get to my friend Tito's studio in Barranco. Marco and I have gone on a run next to the ocean and I found a music school run by the University La Católica. I looked into the possibility of taking some classes there as "cursos libres" or open to the public. We will see. I know that this particular university is known to be very expensive. 

Tomorrow, our plan is to go for a run and then head into the center to buy a printer. I am going to print some awesome color flyers and start my rounds throughout the Torres of Matellini. Let the students come!

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