Monday, February 18, 2013

Los Morunos and Lunch with Friends

I had a pretty awesome Valentine's Day and it wasn't just because I got to go out dancing with Marco. I played in a 15 piece orchestra for Los Morunos, a well-known trio from the 80s. They sing boleros and waltzes. I mentioned them in the post before this. Anyway, it went really well. I wasn't perfect but neither were most of the other members of the orchestra. Obviously, I want to be professional and not make mistakes but it is bound to happen occasionally. It was also my first really big gig so I had some nerves working there too. I am hoping that someone will eventually put a video up on youtube of the event. There were plenty of people recording the concert with their cameras and phones. The news was there too and they taped the entire thing. I am sure they did some type of presentation in their "Espectaculos" section last week.

After the concert we went out dancing in a bar in Barranco. I was starving so we ate pollo a la brasa first (at 11:45pm). I never got the name of the bar/disco we went to but it wasn't anything special. The cost of a small Cusqueña beer was 16 soles!! I couldn't believe that and neither could Marco. My rum and coke was 13. I tried the Cusqueña here in Lima and it is awful. It doesn't taste anything like the beer in Cusco. Granted, they use different water and elevation might have something to do with it. I am happy that my giving up beer is not really a loss since the best beer there was in Peru (Cusqueña) tastes like Pilsen (a cheaper lighter beer).

After playing tourist with my camera in Parque Kennedy, I went out to lunch with my friends Sabrina and Martine. (A fun little side note is that Parque Kennedy is full of stray cats that live in the trees and are fed by tourists and locals. I will put up a picture soon.) We had a delicious lunch at Papacho, a restaurant owned by Gaston Acurio. I ate the most delicious chimichunga. It was a bit expensive but it was worth it. We also saw Gaston Acurio on the second level trying food. I tried to slip in a casual photo of Sabrina with him on the side. It was a fun afternoon.

My friends Akhtiara and Jimmy left on Friday evening. We never got to have dinner together but it was wonderful having them stay with us.

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