Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Season Activities

Disclaimer: This was written this past weekend but didn't get published for some reason.

This week has been the most jam-packed holiday week I have ever experienced. Well, that might not be true but there has been something to go to every single day/night this week and we still have one more celebration to participate in tonight for Marco's graduation.

I am going to re-cap in order by days

Monday: Marco and I the pleasure of doing yoga together at a hostel in Barranco. Our yoga instructor had to move location on Mondays because there is now a meditation class held on Monday nights at Casa Taller. They are great classes but I prefer yoga on Monday nights. Anyway, we had an excellent class and proceeded to chow down on a plate of anticuchos (deliciously seasoned cow heart on a stick) from Tio Mario's in Barranco. I highly recommend eating there but you should go on a week day because there is always a line on the weekends.

Tuesday: Marco graduated from his post-grad program and can now sport some pretty awesome yellow cords when the occasion calls for it. My colleagues from work this year organized a ceviche/seafood lunch for me and M who is also leaving next year. He is going back to the States though. It was super fun and the food was excellent. We ate at Punto Azul on Primavera. There are a few Punto Azules in Lima. The price is decent for the quality and the quantity. I cannot get enough chicharron de pescado (fried fish) with tartar sauce. I am so thankful for having met the people I did this year. I know that I have a good friend in A and V, both of whom I plan on keeping in touch with.

On Tuesday evening I partook in a live broadcast event with Coro Arpegio. We gave a Christmas concert that was broadcast live on Filarmonia radio 102.7FM. It was also broadcast online so my family was able to listen in. We sang some Peruvian Christmas carols, some American carols and a few jazz pieces. It was a grand old time and while the piano was a little too "hot" (the mic was too close to it), we got good reviews from our listeners in person and abroad. After the concert I hustled back to the villa where Marco and I celebrated his graduation at a friend's place until 2 in the morning. It was super fun.

Backstage before the Radio Filarmonia concert.
Wednesday: We had a pretty relaxing Wednesday since the majority of it was spent recovering from the night before. I chatted for a bit on skype with my bro which is always nice. I made cookies for the Arpegio Christmas party that took place in the evening and we watched the movie Jobs, which was pretty good. Ashton Kutcher did a good job as Jobs (hehe). Jobs might have been a genius to some but her sure wasn't a nice person. Anyway, in the evening I headed over to the house of one of the choir members and ate a lot of bocaditos. The mother of one of the members made delicious appetizers and I couldn't keep my hands off of them. Our director gave a very nice speech and then we proceeded to get the play by play of what happened last Saturday. It was crazy because there were three weddings in a 3 hour time span and people had to rush to get from one place to the next. Unfortunately, one car was pulled over for speeding and because the insurance card was expired they were taken in. Panic ensued and by the grace of technology and shuffling around some people, all of the weddings went off without a hitch. Youtube saved the day as well. It was hilarious getting the play by play from everyone though. We ended the night by playing some fun party games. I know I have said it before but I will say it again. I really love being a part of Coro Arpegio. The ladies are so fun and there is never a dull moment when we get together whether it is to practice, sing in a wedding, or celebrate a baby shower or the end of the year. I love it.

Some of the lovely ladies from Coro Arpegio

Thursday: Marco and I have been able to have lunch together almost every day this week which has been excellent. I know that come the beginning of the school year we will not have that luxury anymore so I am taking full advantage right now. We were invited over to a friend's house yesterday to make sushi and eat it! I met Lisa through a mutual friend from Cusco. She lived there last year and taught 4th grade and recently moved to Lima in August. If you are interested in her blog check it out here. I love meeting other expats and on top of that she is also married to a Peruvian. They came to see me sing in the choir concert we put on a few weeks ago at ICNPA but we didn't actually meet in person until last Friday when we had lunch. Anyway, she invited us to dinner and we had a blast. Marco had never tried sushi before. Actually it was mahi I believe since there was no fish involved. We learned how to make our own as well. I love seeing Marco's reaction to new things like food. He is always a bit skeptical at first and sometimes he doesn't like it but he definitely liked what we ate last night including the wasabi/soy sauce mix. There were a few other friend of Lisa's that had dinner with us and overall it was a relaxing evening out.

Off to the last event of the week!

Update: The last even of the week was the celebration for Marco's graduation and it was a blast. We stayed out 'til the wee hours of the morning and we danced our butts off which we were not able to do as much of at our wedding. We made up for that. I am so proud of him for all he has done this year managing the move to Lima, a demanding schedule of exams and classes, and of course, me and all my ups and downs. 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS MARCO! I want to see a picture of those new cords being sported!

  2. Hey Amy, it's been awhile! Congrats with all that's going on - it sounds like Marco's celebration went wonderfully and I'm so glad! And I didn't know you were on the radio - how cool! Amazing things 'ahappenin'...Also, thanks for the shout out and coming for sushi, I love to be part of people's 'firsts' so it's even better! All well stateside, abrazos norteamericanos :)

  3. Thanks Lisa! It was a blast. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and I will see you when you get back!