Thursday, June 12, 2014

We were on TV!!!

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Bartola, a well-known criolla singer here in Peru. She has a show on Chanel 7 (TV Peru) called Una y Mil Voces and it features criolla singers and bands. Since Coro Arpegio has a criolla repertoire, we were invited to sing on the show. What an honor! We had a great time and even though the weather wasn´t the best in La Molina the day we filmed, we still rocked it and we looked pretty great too. (My hair, on the other hand, had a mind of its own.)

We sang three songs: Cuando Llora mi Guitarra, Chabuca Limeña, and Negra Presuntuosa. Bartola did an interview with Monica, our director. The only downside to the publicity is that she touted us as a philanthropic choir and not a professional one that sings in weddings or other function. We do charity work, but it is only a part of what we do. We might get another chance to go on the show again sometime in the future and honestly, the publicity is nothing bad!

A quick side-story. A few days after the show aired, my downstairs neighbor´s daughter who has to be 7 or 8 years old, yelled out of the window ¨Tia!! Te vi en la tele!¨ Translated she said, ¨Auntie, I saw you on TV!¨ I asked her if she liked it and she nodded her head vigorously with a resounding ¨Si!¨ It was really cute and just what I needed when getting home from a day of work. She is also so sweet and everytime she sees me she waves. She gets super excited when she sees Pepe too. I appreciate her happiness and friendliness.

Anyway, here are the videos I found on youtube! Enjoy!

Sorry, my computer is not allowing me to embed the videos so here are the links:

 Chabuca Limeña
 Cuando Llora mi Guitarra
 Negra Presuntuosa and interview (Please excuse my disgusted face a 1:07. I had issues with the brightness. I really was trying to listen and be supportive of Moni! Also, you never know when the camera is going to hit you. Lesson learned.)

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