Sunday, October 5, 2014

Ley Seca (Dry Law)

It's that time of year again when the toilet paper gets piled up in front of the liquor section in Metro due to dry law. Whenever there are elections, everyone is prohibited from selling liquor during the weekend of said elections.

Dry law is hilarious to me. No one is supposed to sell alcohol during the weekend of elections. Has no one learned from the United States' attempt to prohibit alcohol? (It didn't work.) Supposedly the law is in place to help ensure that people make better electoral decisions. Oh if only that were true. I am pretty sure that there was an election of some sort going on last year around the time we got married because I went to buy alcohol with my brother and sister in law and the guy at the gas station didn't want to sell us anything. After some pleading we were able to get a few beers. I know, bad us. But hey, we are foreigners so we don't vote. Bottoms up!

For anyone interest in who won the Lima mayor position it was Luis Castañeda. He implemented the Metropolitano during his last term as mayor. We will see what exciting plans he has for this term. I am intrigued.


  1. If you had held your wedding during the "dry law" weekend, would we not have been able to serve liquor at your reception? Or is it only that you can not go into the retail stores and purchase liquor over such a weekend?

  2. You got it. It was a private event and we had already bought the alcohol.

  3. Why couldn't people stock up beforehand and not worry about the law?

  4. I think it is the government´s way of trying to show that they are doing something to better society or whatever. It doesn´t stop people from doing exactly what you say. It is a detriment to the bars, clubs and restaurants over the wekeend too.