Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spain Entry #4 Valencia

Yesterday we made it to Valencia! The train ride was fast since Emy and I slept for most of it. (I am impressed with Renfe by the way. Their trains have been very comfortable and fast.) We figured out how to use the metro train system and found the Purple Nest Hostel with little trouble. After checking in we took naps and then went down to the bar to meet people. We met a guy from Mexico, Germany, a girl from New Zealand and a girl from Belgium (Emy actually met her in the bathroom. Way to go Em on the outgoingness!)

We decided to go look for food at 10pm and found a place that served tapas and some regular meals. I am finding it quite difficult to be on the 10 o'clock dinner schedule. I am so hungry at that point since we eat around 2. Typically Spaniards eat lunch around 3 or after. The pub crawl poster in our hostel says it meets in the bar at 1am. Yikes! Seriously, that is late. I am good to go out around 10:30pm and then be home around 2am at the latest. Otherwise the following day is ruined.

It is fun to meet new people and go out but I find that a few hours is enough time to be out dancing since I don't really like to drink heavily anymore while out. Those days are gone. Dancing is still really really fun though.

Today we took a free bike tour of Valencia and the science and art park. It was kind of depressing since they don't use the opera house more than twice a year and it leaks. They also don't use the building they just constructed two years ago for tennis matches. What a waste! Our guide was nice but she wasn't very informative. She also was on more of the negative side when it came to comments about the city. It was a free tour so Emy and I weren't expecting a ton.

We had lunch with everyone from our bike group and then the six of us from the night before decided to go to the beach for a bit. It was really nice and hot but very windy. I quickly found an umbrella and relaxed while Emy checked out the water. It was a very nice afternoon.

Tonight I think we are going to make dinner at the hostel. Breakfast consists of bread and jam with coffee and orange juice so I think some cold cuts and fruit are in order for tomorrow. We need to make a trip to the market.

Until next time!

Sorry my blogs are not full of pictures. I have been lazy with that.

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