Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spain Entry #7 The final leg

On Sunday morning we picked up a cute little Fiat from the Europcar center at the Barcelona Airport and made our way to Zaragoza Spain. Thanks to Maureen (our Garmin GPS system) and the help of a friendly shop worker, we found the B&B in Zaragoza. Marta, the owner was super nice and she even parked our car!

We took a walk into town and had some coffee and conversation. It has been so nice to have such a nice amount of time to catch up and chat about our lives and futures.

The afternoon was spent in the hostel calling our mothers for mothers day and updating blogs (Emy updated her blog at least.) We had a nice night out to two different restaurants. The first one was a buffet that was all right and we shared a mini bottle of red wine. The second one was an italian restaurant where I was treated to a delicious chocolate cake and ice cream. Thank you Emy for treating!

In the morning before heading out to Guadalajara we stopped at the Aljafería castle where the current Aragonian parliament convenes. The castle was built in the 11th century by the Moors and then in 1118 Alfonso I of Aragon took it over and it became the residence for the Catholic monarchs. It is absolutely beautiful and the craziest part was looking at the walls where prisoners of war had etched things in. So much history. It is pretty cool that it is used on a daily basis by the parliament. We thought about how it would be to grow up in a castle. Pretty drafty if you ask me. The castle is known to be the castle of joy which is not surprising from the courtyard. Obviously any prisoner that stayed there would think otherwise.

We made it to Guadalajara in the afternoon and tried to find ourselves a place to get pedicures but that didn't end up working out. Emy did find a pair of really cute flats though!

Now we are back in Madrid and it is kind of nice. The hostel we are staying in is really great and much nicer than where we stayed when we first got here. We made lunch in the kitchen and now Emy is doing some laundry. I would wash some clothes too but I will be home in a day so it doesn't make too much sense.

We saw these huge bulls on the side of the road along with lots of wind farms. We never asked why they have bulls all over the place but it is Spain and bulls are a huge part of their culture. 

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