Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was pleasant and relaxing. We did a lot of sleeping in and napping this past weekend and I can't complain at all! On Friday we took a little trip to the beach in Chorrillos and enjoyed the sun. It was a bit chilly though so I stayed out of the water. It has to be really hot for me to want to get in the water. Marco also cut his foot on the rocks so I am glad I steered clear. We shared some chicharron de pescado (fried fish) and ceviche that were both so so. It was nice to get out and get some fresh air though!

On Saturday we enjoyed a cilindrada as they call it. It is when you barbeque meat inside a metal barrel. It is kind of funny because it is what a regular grill with a top would do but grills here are not typically sold with tops. Weird, I know. It was delicious needless to say. It was really fun to hang out with Marco's military buddies. This particular friend didn't become a good friend until last year. He is in a different specialty than my husband but they are from the same graduating class. It is not as common to see promos (graduating classmates) from different specialties hanging out a lot but it is actually really nice. There is definitely a bond among the promos in the same specialty but there will always be a rivalry because everyone is competing for rank eventually. There is no competition between promos of different specialties and it makes for a much more relaxed friendship all the time. I think Marco is realizing what I figured out after 4th grade. It is always nice to have various groups of people to hang out with so that your world doesn't come crashing down if one group starts to loose its flavor for you (or the other way around).

Sunday concluded our weekend and we made dinner together. We didn't ever make it to mass. I am not complaining because I am not Catholic but we did watch a fair amount of Christian movies that were playing on TV all weekend. I think we got our fair share of Christ's resurrection. My job gave us bread for jueves santo (holy Thursday). It was supposed to represent the body of Christ. It was delicious. I have never taken communion bread but I highly doubt it tastes anything like what we had on Thursday morning. Mmm mmm! I like what Jesus represents (love) so I have no problem eating some blessed bread.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. My mother sent us a package for egg hunting and dying but I haven't been able to get it yet. We will have to do some egg dying a little late. I am going to make it a tradition though. It is super fun. It is not as common for people to do egg hunts here. Easter is becoming more commercialized in Peru and you can find chocolate eggs for sale but it is nothing like it is in the States. It is still a lot more religious to most folks. However, a lot more people who are supposedly Catholic tend to travel during the weekend instead of going to church. No judgement here but it is an interesting trend.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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