Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Birthday and a Mother's Day Event

Last Saturday I went out to Villa El Salvador with Gabriel to see Patty, my niece, for her 2nd birthday. I had a mass
to sing in later that evening so I couldn't stay for the actual party but it was super fun to see her and to see her and Gabriel play with play doh for 2 hours. It was super cute. I also bought her a book describing different colored things. Since she hadn't napped all day we took a trip to Tottus to pick up the cake and Patty fell asleep in my arms immediately. It was super cute. I can't wait to have children. (Don't worry, I know that when they are sleeping they are always more desirable and that the majority of the time they take all of your energy. Whatever! Bring it on!)

On Thursday of this week we didn't have any school due to it being a national holiday for workers. Marco's promotion took it upon themselves to use the day for their annual mothers' day celebration. It was really really nice and even though there were flies when we were eating (due to stables being very close by) it was a really nice event. There was a trampoline and two huge blow up obstacle courses for the kids' entertainment. There was a dog show demonstration (The location of the event was next to the military vet clinic) and there was an hora loca with lots of dancing. Also, every family brought a gift that was exchanged. Every mother received a gift by raffle. I received a very nice beige tote purse from Ripley. It is super cute and neutral and can work with anything.

We think it would be fun to put Pepe in a training school.

Earlier in the morning Marco and I went to Plaza Lima Sur to pick up a gift to bring and we picked out a cute hand bag from a store called Tizza. I also found a pair of tennis shoes at Traithlon Sports on sale for 179 soles. They are red Nikes that are unisex and I am super happy because I hadn't bought tennis shoes in 4 years! I also bought Gabriel a sweatshirt that he had been eyeing the day before and I surprised him with it when we got home. He definitely needed a sweatshirt since we are getting into colder weather now. It is the least I can do. He has had a lot of changes these past 3 months and he has been a sport.

Anyway, the mothers day event was great. We had lots of meat for lunch and there was lots of dancing. At one point during the hora loca, all of the wives were up dancing in a conga line while the kids were playing and watching. I think it is awesome how dancing happens immediately at every gathering. No need to be drunk at all. The women tend to be the ones to get things started too. If our husbands don't want to dance no problem! We will just dance in a circle.

There was a paintball place right next door and Gabriel and friends wanted to do it but it was a bit expensive and they didn't have enough people to make it worth it. (Too bad they didn't ask me, I would've loved to play some paintball. It is good to know it is there for future reference.) After a good 5 hours we headed home. It was a great way to spend a day off. Unfortunately, we had to go back to work on Friday but the good news is we have Friday off next week since we had no bridge (linking the holiday to the weekend) this week. Then we have May vacation! Not bad at all.

All these pictures were taken on my phone. I am actually impressed with the quality. Not bad Nokia.

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