Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Belated Teachers´ Day!

I am almost two weeks behind so I better write about Teacher´s day before I forget! When I got to work on July 4th, I was greeted by Mariale, our social worker. She gave me a Mickey sticker that said #1 teacher on it. I also got a donut from Pilar, the secretary. I headed up to my office to find my desk filled with gifts. It was so nice! I got a post it dispensor in the shape of an apple, chocolates, a stapler, a two-hole punch, a cookie with Olaf from Frozen on it, Bible verse pop up notes (which I used to thank the girls for their gifts) and a hand written note from my director. Three girls gave me gifts as well. I also got earrings and a necklace (4 leaf clover) from administration and a packet of notepads that the mothers of the kindergarten class made. All of the pads says VM Prom 2025 which stands for Villa Maria class of 2025. I especially love the pends that double as higlighters and say ¨Beginning a new family¨ on them. What a sweet gift. There is a pad that has days of the week on it and you fill it out for whatever week you are on. I was using some that my co-worker gave to me earlier this year until I got my Camp Echo calendar to put up on my bulletin board. It is so exciting to know that I will be visiting camp in two weeks!

Anyway, the entire school went to mass except for pre-kinder and afterward we were given gifts from the mothers of students. It was a beautiful red white and blue scarf that is super soft. Everyone went back to their respective rooms and in kinder we had our own little celebratin. My boss read cards aloud to each teacher that said what the girls would like to get her and what they wish for each of us. The cards were then presented with a cookie by one of the girls. It was really cute.

At 11 we were called back over to primary school where an enormous Disney castle was set up. Cinderella´s fairy godmother came out and started the show which included numbers from various Disney movies and the grand finale was of course, Frozen. It was an elaborate and impressive show they put on. All of the teachers were then presented with polar bear stuffed animals and every danced. What a wonderful day.

Elsa and Olaf from Frozen

After the girls left at noon the entire teaching staff headed over to La Bistecca in San Isidro where we ate and ate and ate from the buffet. There was every kind of food you could want including a delicious mango ceviche (lime, onion and mango) that I could not get enough of. They really know how to feed us well here. I have nothing but good things to say about the amount of food they give us. Well fed employees are happy employees. That is a fact!

Lovely friends with our new polar bear besties.

I am beyond grateful to be working where I am and the staff make it even better. I hope to be working at this school for some time to come!

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