Friday, August 29, 2014

Santa Rosa de Lima

Today we celebrated Santa Rosa de Lima or Saint Rose of Lima (April 20, 1586 - August 24, 1617). She was a Spanish colonist in Peru and she spent her life helping those in need throughout Lima. She is the patron saint of the police, nurses, the Philippines, and the Americas among others. According to wikipedia she was a religious extremest and it was not accepted by her family who wanted her to marry. She was very young when she died and I have to say, it doesn't seem like she lived a very happy life with all the penance. However, she did help a lot of people in need so I am sure she felt fulfilled.

There is a tradition here that involves writing down your wishes and prayers and throwing them into her well at her church in the center of Lima. The girls did a really cute play today and paid homage to her with a song that is quite fun. I enjoy watching the girls act out different stories from the bible and local Catholic culture. Fortunately, the severe penance was not discussed in the play. I may not agree with some of the doctrine of the Christian church but I like that there is always time to reflect and remind ourselves that we are a part of something much bigger and that is what Villa Maria provides for its students and teachers.

This evening I was passing through the Barranco plaza and the Police band was serenading everyone in the park. The actual day of Santa Rosa de Lima is the 30th but they started the celebrations tonight! It was great. One of the many things I love about Peru. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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