Friday, April 5, 2013

Lunch with a Denisonian and an update on work

I had coffee with my friend Gonzalo on Wednesday. He and I went to Denison together and we lived down the hall from each other in Kappa Sigma our freshman year. I brought my camera but I never ended up taking a picture. We talked for a good 2 hours. It was really fun catching up with him and reminiscing about Kappa Sigma. We are going to try and start a little bullet point email like my study abroad group does every 6 months or so. Someone will start the bullet point email with all the things they want to share about their lives. It is really nice and it is a really great way to stay in touch and get a bit more information than what is posted on Facebook. Gonzalo is doing a lot in the theater scene in Lima. He is directing mostly but I remember seeing him in a SUNAT commercial while I was living in Cusco. I look forward to being able to actually go to some of his shows now that I am in Lima! We decided that we are going to try and see each other for coffee every month or so. I think it would be nice.

I have been teaching music for 3 weeks now. I have to say that it has been quite a challenge in the preparation and management of classes. I know for sure that I love working with kids and being an inspiration to them. I love getting "Hola Miss!" outside of class and I love the smiles on kids faces when we are singing a song or playing a game that is super fun. Cristina and I have weekly skype chats to save on the time and cost of getting to her house. It has been most excellent. I have also bought a 632 page book on the Kodaly method. I took a Kodaly course this past January but it was very short and this book is super comprehensive. I am enjoying it a lot.

I also had my first private violin student two weeks ago. There was an emergency this week so we didn't have class. It's all good though. My student Carla is adorable and so attentive. She is 3 but she has the attention span of a 5 or 6 year old. It's impressive. I know we are going to go far. It's exciting. I am also working on flyers to pass out to the people who live in the villa militar. For a while I was putting it all on hold because I wasn't sure about our housing situation but whether we move or not should not keep me from starting students here where I live. I will let my potential students know that there is a possibility of us moving to the villa but for now classes will be held in my home. People have asked me whether or not it bothers me that I won't be able to have students consistently until we are in Lima permanently (that could be in another 10 years or so). My answer is yes and no. Sure, having a teacher that takes you through the books and works with you for many years is wonderful. I am very grateful for my violin teacher Julie. I took lessons with her from the time I was 6 to 14. It was a decent amount of time and I didn't have to deal with conflict of interests that come with having more than one teacher during the formative years. On the other hand, I look at it as I am able to give my service to kids and families that may not have even thought of being able to have violin lessons before. At the very lease I will be able to offer my services for a few years and advance and grow with them to the best of my ability. We never know what tomorrow may bring and if I live with the constant worry that I can't give my students consistency over long periods of time due to moving, I will never gain any students. I am ready to get out there and publicize publicize publicize. :)

I have two wedding gigs playing violin tomorrow and I am living each day to the max. Like I said in an earlier post, life is not easy and peachy all the time but if I decide to look at it as peachy and wonderful, it will be just that, no matter what obstacle or problem may stand in the way. I take time to be grateful every day and to find the joys in everything I can because otherwise I feel like I am wasting what could be a great day! We create our happiness. No one does it for us. I wish a happy Friday to everyone who reads this post!

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