Saturday, March 30, 2013

Family time

We had the pleasure of having Marco's brother Ever, his girlfriend Ana, and their baby girl Patricia over for Ever's brithday last weekend. Patricia is adorable! I couldn't get enough of her. She is a super happy baby. She will be one year in a month. I also offered to take care of her for a night when Ever and Ana want to go out. I know that once a child comes along, couple time is almost non-existent. Also, we are family so it's the least I can do. :) We enjoyed a duck that Mama Ynes sent Ever. It is pretty awesome that she has animals that she can raise and kill and ship to us for celebrations.  It was delicious!

Here are some pictures!

Even though we are very excited to have kids in the future, Marco and I are content being our own little pair for a little while longer.

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