Tuesday, August 6, 2013


It is always good to give thanks for all the wonderful things we have in our lives. There are definitely more things I am grateful for but here is my list today. It starts with things from my day but then evolves into a random list in no particular order of things that I am grateful for in general.

I woke up to find my hubby working at the dining room table. I thought he had already left and was a bit sad that I didn't get a good-bye kiss. It was a pleasant surprise to see him in his sweatshirt and patagonia hat that makes him look like a hipster. I gave him a big good morning kiss on the eyes.

I got a ride to the metropolitano from Marco and I got a seat on the javier prado bus and on the combi that drops me off two blocks from school. I had time to chat with Allison before class.

My 2nd grade classes this week were marvelous! I didn't have to give any warnings on the board and we were completely occupied the entire class with songs and games and activities. It was a great way to start the semester and I plan on keeping it that way. I also played the piano and accompanied them as they learned the song "Oh When the Saints go marching in". I really wish I could accompany every song I teach them with a guitar or a piano. I am learning more songs to play on the piano though.

I am grateful for the kids that really try in class even though they have a tendency to get distracted and not follow the rules. I am especially proud of Diego who was quite the behavioral problem last semester. (Now, to get to work on his two buddies who like to play the drums all the time.)

I am so unbelievably grateful for all the help and mentoring that Cristina has given me this year. She is a gem and deserves a really awesome gift. I know just the thing!

I appreciate having A to talk to in the teacher's lounge. She is fantastic and I am going to lend her daughter my Harry Potter books. Huzzah! I am so happy that they are going to be put to good use and that I am going to make her daughter super happy. I am going to be the library lady for her. I haven't actually met her yet but I have a feeling that will happen soon.

I am also super happy to have V at work who is hilarious and full of really good advice/anecdotes/randomness to make the day fun.

I am grateful for my doggy who is always so excited to see me when I get home.

I am grateful for my amazing and loving husband who works his butt off but always finds time for us.

I am grateful for my parents because who and where would I be without them having raised me and my brother?

I am grateful for Peru and all that it has given me and all that it still has to offer.

I am grateful for my super comfy bed, our apartment and the neighborhood that we live in that is within walking distance to the Metropolitano.

I am so grateful for the internet keeping me connected to everyone I love back in the States and around the world. It also allows me to listen to public radio.

I am grateful to have found a play to do yoga cheaply in Barranco where the teacher only charges 15 soles a class. I always go on Monday nights no matter how tired I am from work.

I am grateful for hot showers and alfajors (a delicious treat made of carmel and cookies).

That's it for now. Post something you are grateful for below. Spread the good energy. I would love to hear about it.

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