Friday, August 30, 2013


I had a full day yesterday! I started out by getting up nice and early to finish up cleaning the house and getting everything set for the brunch for expats married to Peruvians. It is a group that I became a member of after getting an email from a woman who is married to a colonel in the Peruvian Airforce because my name was passed on to her from a woman whom I met at the American Women's Literary Club back in February. (Phew!) The group is comprised of ladies from all different countries. Out of those who came to the brunch, Ireland, Australia, Spain, The UK, The Netherlands, and the States were all represented. It was really great and everyone is so laid back. We ate lots of sweet cakes and bread and there were lots of leftovers which means Marco and I are set for our bread and sweet snacks for days! I like being a part of this group because we are more long term expats and being married to a Peruvian is different that being an expat married to another expat living in Peru or an expat in a relationship with a Peruvian. Most of the ladies have kids too which is nice. Support systems are wonderful things to have whether you live in your country of origin or abroad.

Something I find interesting about hosting events and get-togethers here in Peru is how formal they are. It is pretty typical that even when you invite friends over, you don't let them do anything. Marco told me I should buy wine glasses for a toast and I told him that it wasn't that kind of gathering. We all bring food and chat and drink tea and coffee. I went to my friend Julie's later in the evening and her boyfriend was quick to apologize profusely for the lack of wine glasses. I responded by saying that it was no problem. Julie and I are good friends. I didn't need any formalities. Julie was super happy to be hosting American friends because she knew that we would just make ourselves at home. That is exactly what her friend Mia did by entering and greeting us holding a pot in one hand and a bag of food in the other asking "Who's ready to eat?". We went to the kitchen to chat, drink wine and cook food. It was glorious! Mia heard the story of how Julie and I met and later we chatted about classroom management because we are all teachers. I really look forward to hanging out with both of them soon.

I have been able to do a decent amount of socializing lately. I hung out with my yoga instructor and a friend of hers last weekend. There is nothing like wine and conversation with lady friends. We are headed out to listen to some Jazz with them tonight.

So to finish with the rest of what I did yesterday, after cleaning up and prepping for a violin lesson, I headed to Magdalena to give one of my students her lesson. We are working with a real violin now! I can't say I enjoy the commute but I really enjoy teaching her and spreading music in the small way that I can. After that I headed to Benavides where I played in a funeral mass. I only played a few songs because the couple that sings and plays piano (who have been doing it for 25 years in the same church!) were 20 minutes late. Lima traffic is a nightmare. Seriously. There was a Discovery Channel video that was just aired called "Don't Drive Here: Lima". While the host makes some good points, he also drives a bit crazy himself. Either way, there are way to many cars so more than accidents causing you harm, it will most likely be anxiety and impatience that will get to you if you drive around Lima during rush hour.

Marco and I are headed to Cañete tomorrow for a festival and to give wedding invitations to the family that lives there. I am super excited to see some afro-Peruvian dancing, listen to criollo music and eat good food.

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