Saturday, October 5, 2013

Planning, Gigging, and Getting very Excited!

I cannot wait for my family to get here. I am so excited! Seriously. Only 5 more days until my mother, brother and other brother get here. I have to figure out what we are going to do for the weekend. It is a great excuse to get out and do some touristy stuff around Lima. Marco and I have done a fair amount of things like go to the Fountain park, the catacombs of San Francisco church and the zoo. Maybe I will try and find some cool museums.
I am trying to stay nice and calm about all the wedding details. Everything is shaping up nicely. I just want to make sure that all is in order so people have a good time. I have to send out an email to everyone to let them know how the reception is going to work. I recently found out that all of the activities during a wedding besides dancing and drinking happen before we eat dinner. That includes a toast with the military folk, speeches, dances, bouquet tossing, garter tossing etc. It is also custom to just have a pisco sour during this entire thing and for toasts later on. I am going to see if beer can be put out at each table for folks to drink as they desire. Dinner is also going to be nice and late around 9:15 - 9:30pm. Snacks are encouraged for before and after the ceremony.
I am trying to get things planned for after the wedding too. I want to make sure that I don't have to spend any time at all on school stuff after my family gets here. I want to focus completely on being with them and not worrying about having everything ready to go for work the following Monday. I am so lucky to have a job from which I am able to take time off. Granted, I don't get paid for those two days of work but it is worth it. I have chosen to live a few thousand miles away from my family so I have to take advantage of all the time I have with them when we are together physically. No money could ever replace time with family. There are very few people who say they regret not working over spending quality time with family.
The weather here has been awful. Everyone says that in October the weather is typically warmer. Unfortunately, it has been quite chilly (i.e. 50s and 60s) and there has been a huge lack of sun. I am very thankful for the fact that La Molina has sun on a more consistent basis and when I come up from the basement where I teach music it is unbelievably nice to get some sunshine and warmth on my skin.
I played my violin in a presentation at the Ministerio de Cultura building for a delegation of folks from Huancavelica, a provincial town in Peru. A friend of mine mentioned me to the coordinator and we practiced on Tuesday. We played 4 songs, all of which are traditional Peruvian classics such as Virgenes del Sol and Condor Pasa. We were supposed to start at 8pm originally but I got a message saying to come at 8:15. Then I got another message telling me to be there at 8:30pm to start at 9pm. We didn't go on until after 10pm. Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence with cultural events from what my friend tells me. I convinced the coordinator to pay us a bit extra so it worked out all right. I also really enjoyed playing. I am happy that I am able to take part in fun things like this even if they are a little disorganized.

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