Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wedding Recap

The big day has come and gone and I couldn't be more happy with the outcome. All the preparation and time spent making sure that things came together all paid off. My family and friends were super happy and content with the service they got and that is what mattered most to me. Marco and I get to spend every day with each other for the rest of our lives. While a religious wedding is about the couple, we both think it is really about everyone coming together and having a good time and sharing in the love and happiness. Marco and I had the privilege of being married legally last year in Cusco. We got married in the morning with our witnesses and had lunch a friend's place. We watched a Peru Chile soccer game in our PJs in the afternoon and then went out to dinner at another friend's restaurant. We made it out dancing for a bit as well. It was completely our day. I think everyone should take a day and enjoy their civil wedding because a religious wedding is a huge logistical affair and it is so easy to stress out about it. It was all worth it though and I am beyond happy that I had my two worlds merge and everyone was so happy. I didn't let little hiccups ruin the wedding either. My poor dad was taken to the reception hall instead of the church and missed the walk in but my first thought was that he was in traffic and there was nothing he could do. I love him so much and he made it to the end of the ceremony. He was there for the vows and to sign as my godfather. He looked so sharp too! When it comes down to it, all that mattered to me is that we were all together to celebrate the love. 

The father had such a wonderful speech as well and he told us that the death of a marriage is routine. When things get boring, the love dies. I completely agree. We will be keeping it fresh for as long as we are together! It was perfect having the choir I sing with sing for the mass as well. It was beautiful and I sang along to all the songs. 

The ceremony concluded with our walk under the tunnel of swords held up by promos of Marco. We thanked each one of them as we walked by. It was cool seeing a lot of them crack a smile while creating the tunnel. We took a picture with all of them at the end but I don't have a copy of it yet. 

The reception was a trip. I sat down all of two times, once for dinner and once to talk to Flor for a bit. I surprised Marco by singing the song "Andar Conmigo" by Julieta Venegas. The look on his face was priceless and I will never forget it. We did pretty much all the activities before dinner including the bouquet toss and the garter as well as a military toast in which we drank champaign with Marco's promos and threw the glasses in the air before Marco smashed all of them with his feet on the ground. It was awesome! We danced with each other's parents and we took photos with family and friends. After dinner we cut our cake with Marco's sword and we danced to Marc Anthony's "Vivir mi Vida". It started the party and people danced and danced til the music was cut off.

Everyone who came from the States

Some of the highlights for the night were seeing my soon to be sister in law run around with the whiskey bottle and pour it into the mouths of everyone she could get her hands on. Her philosophy was it is a party so lets mix and mingle and get everyone drunk! I loved it and she was the hora loca (a typical activity in a party where balloons and whistles are passed out, clowns and people on stilts dance and fast paced music is played to get everyone pumped up) that we didn't have planned. I also really enjoyed going around and thanking everyone for coming. We took so many pictures. My cheeks hurt by the end of the night. Actually, they had already begun to hurt in the ceremony because I smiled practically the entire time. I also loved seeing my uncle and my sister in law dancing away. I also received so many really kind sweet words from family and friends. I was bursting with happiness. It means so much to me that everyone came out to celebrate with us. I am so thankful for the family and friends I have and the life I have with my amazing husband. There are so many things that life throws our way but I am determined to ride the waves and do it with a smile on my face and wonderful partner by my side. 

So now I am looking to the future and excited for all that is to come. It was a bit depressing seeing everyone go home but I know we will be together soon. It was nice that my family left gradually. I had time this week to spend with my mom, brother, S.I.L, dad and his girlfriend after the wedding. No matter how far apart we may live, my family will always be a huge important part of my life. They are the reason I was able to be adventuresome and find the love of my life. Thank you to everyone who shared in this amazing moment in my and Marco's lives either in person or on facebook. It means the world to us!

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  1. It was a blast. I think everyone must have had sore smile muscles from the uncontrollable urge to beam when looking at you two!

    On a different matter, I hope that the people at the cutting edge of high tech will press even harder to perfect the "beam-me-up-Scotty" idea for instant tele-portation that will replace air travel. It can't come too soon!