Monday, January 27, 2014

24 Things Challenge completed

So here is the final update of the 24 Things Challenge. I think I did pretty well. I had to make some purchases but they were worth it.
7th: dog leash 
8th: pair of old shoes 
9th: old alpaca sweater 
10th: cloth bag that I never use 
11th: Some English worksheets that I don't need 
12th: rice cooker 
13th: underwear and a bra that doesn't fit 
14th: a book that I had for my friend 
15th: A book that I just finished called Taft by Ann Pratchett 
16th: a chin rest 
17th: a ton of files on my computer 
18th: hole filled socks 
19th: recycling bag that was filled 
20th: more computer files 
21st: another pair of shoes 
22nd: a few DVDs that were really bad and I don't want to watch again 
23rd: a butter holder 
24th: an old dog toy that Pepe never plays with
Things I bought: hush puppy shoes, a camelbak for Marco, Jack Daniels, tape for violin lines, a few books for my Kindle, two sets of strings for my violin, peg lubricator

In other news, today I went to pick up my marriage license that was certified by RENIEC. They told me it would be ready at 8:30am but it wasn't ready until 11:30am. I have stopped letting little set backs like this bother me. I expect them so I always bring a book and I always block out at least the morning to do stuff like this. I took a walk around the centro and jironeé a bit (jironear is a Peruvian verb that is used when you are going to walk around the jirones - which is a name for a type of street - in the center of Lima). I read my book in a McDonalds and paid my electric bill. There were a bunch of people in the plaza de armas and big screen TVs were set up so people could watch the ruling about the maritime boundary between Chile and Peru. Peru won some water but it is 80 miles out. Neither country is happy with the decision but neither is super upset either. You can read about it in this ABC news article. After getting the license I headed to migraciones and dropped it off with the lady who attended me on Thursday. She said my card would be ready Thursday. Just in time for our flight to Cusco on Friday! In the afternoon I met up with a mother of a new violin student and we discussed classes and the Suzuki method. She teaches yoga which is fantastic because when my wonderful yoga teacher leaves this year I will have a replacement. Her daughter is a little over 3 years old and I can't wait to start lessons with her next week!

I am so pumped. We are headed to Cusco por fin! We didn't go at all in 2013 and since we were able to work this out (more like Marco was able to work out his work schedule and find some replacements) we are taking advantage! I might even sing with Claudio on Saturday night. I can't wait. Rain or shine, shortness of breath and all, Cusco here we come!


  1. ahhhh, the mountains. I know you'll have a good time.

  2. Have a wonderful time in beautiful Cusco. What a nice weekend get-away for you and Marco. Have fun celebrating his birthday there!