Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Tunes

I promise I have some creative ideas of my own that have yet to come out but here is another fun one that was put out there by Lisa. Tuesday Tunes is a great idea and while I may roll with it this month, we will see how it evolves. She made it a link up which I assume means there will be others that link their pages. I have never done one before so bear with me. I will see if I get it all right. Here is the order:

So in honor of today being a new song or discovery, I give you Karmin's "I Want it All". This group rose to fame on YouTube and eventually got a recording deal after posting a cover of Chris Brown's featuring Lil Wayne "Look at Me Now" which has a pretty insane rap. I have known about Karmin for a while but the song is a new discovery because I haven't been keeping up with them. I am not ashamed to say I like pop music. I appreciate all sorts of music and there is a time and place for it all. This song has a great beat and is sure to make you want to dance!


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  1. I love that you just hopped right on the link up!! That's so awesome :) It's fun to hear pop songs once in awhile, especially to dance like crazy!

    If you want to add the button and link it to my page, you just copy the html text under the pink button I created. Then insert it into html part of your post and the image will show up with hyperlink included. Or YouTube it to watch an easy video :) Yay for firsts in the blogworld!