Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Tunes: A Feeling

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This afternoon needs to be explained so as to understand this Tuesday's tune. After spending the afternoon making spritz cookies I headed over to a house where my improvisation and functional harmony workshop teacher was practicing. He was going to give me the certificates that he had for us but he only had a small window of time to come down and give them to me. I got there 2 minutes after he said he would be there and I waited and waited. I couldn't ring the doorbell because they were recording and I couldn't reach him on his phone because it was an Argentine number. I was frustrated needless to say. I had just spent 7 soles on a taxi busting my butt to get over there. That's on me though right? I decided to take the bus home and on my way I got off and bought some Mexican food from a place in Miraflores called Orale mi Cuate. I bought morena's which have meat cheese and pineapple wrapped in two corn torillas. Mmmm Mexican food. That made me feel a bit better.

Then, what really made my night was a charango and pan pipe serenade by a young man who hopped on the back of the bus. He played two songs and one of them was this fine tune that is very well known in Peru. It is called "Condor Pasa" and was composed by Daniel Alomia Robles. It is practically the anthem of the Peruvian andes and every Peruvian I know will recognize it immediately. It brought a smile to my face and I gave him a tip. I love that about Peru. While some people are quite annoying with their pitches and what they are selling, sometimes some really great musicians get on the bus and sing and play their heart out for you. I support all of them that do that. Music is what brings us back to our natural vibration as humans. There can never be enough of it. The feeling that it gives me is contentedness and happiness. And now with no further ado, "Condor Pasa" as played by a different young Peruvian man with his zampoña and charango.

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  1. Phew, what a day! But it's nice you recognized the sweet things :) I really love what you said about music bringing us back to our natural vibration, how beautiful and true that is!
    Ps. pineapple burritos whaaat??