Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This Saturday was fantastic! Marco and I went to the Material de Guerra gala. I went to the salon for the first time and got my hair and nails done. I stressed a little bit about making sure I was well put together but after seeing how everyone came dressed to the event, I know that next time I can relax a bit more. However, it's kind of fun to get all fancy every once in a while. It's a perk to being a girl! A friend of mine, whom I met while singing in the choir for my other friend's thesis, came over to do my make-up. She also acted as photographer for us. Marco was a bit worried that we were going to be late but as someone who has lived in Peru long enough to know how time works here, I wasn't too stressed. As it turns out, we were the first couple to arrive at 8pm sharp. When did the evening actually start? 10pm!!! The general made a speech to start the night and he commented on how it is disrespectful to come into a gala so late even if the wives and significant others say that the salon took a while. I think it is kind of funny how Marco is always on time to things and makes sure to be punctual even though he knows how people are here even with army events. You have got to admire integrity! 

We had a delicious dinner of chicken and rice with a mashed potato and ham salad to start. There was a bottle of wine and whiskey on every table and every event starts out with a toast with a pisco sour. Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. It was great to meet other promos of Marco's and dance the night away. There was a live band and during dinner there was a dance group that performed 4 different Peruvian dances. At 1am there was la hora loca or crazy hour in which balloons and hats are passed out and people come out dressed in costumes. I know I have mentioned it before in a different post but there is nothing quite like it in the states. The dance floor turns into a night club and it is super fun. People just let loose! We ended up running into the señora with whom I danced with at the tea on Wednesday. She apparently told her husband that she danced with a Russian and was very excited about it. There are a few Russian wives so it isn't surprising that she thought I was Russian as well. Her husband is a retired colonel and they go to all the events every year and dance up a storm.

La señora y la Rusa
Marco told me later that a colleague of his asked why we were conversing with the retired colonel and his wife when there is no gain work-wise by doing so. Marco was put off by the comment. Why not chat and have a good time with everyone? Who cares if it doesn't help you move up the ranks. That is not what the night is about. This colleague definitely has his interests in other places. I am so glad Marco isn't like that. We are both firm believers in respecting everyone because who knows what opportunities may come from a friendly conversation.

It was a great night and I look forward to more events like this one!

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