Saturday, July 6, 2013


I am finding it very difficult to grade my music students. I think effort is the biggest thing. Whether or not every kid can sing sol and mi perfectly is not my biggest concern. I want everyone to be learning of course, but I also don't want to be a tyrant. They only have music class once a week and it should be a fun experience. As a new music teacher I have also found that this semester was a learning experience for me and I plan on improving a lot of things for next semester, including how I lesson plan. I have three weeks off in July and I am going to maximize those weeks with research and planning. I am excited to give my kids a better experience and be on top of things better than I was this semester.

I just spent the last 4 hours working on portfolios. We have to go through and write a blurb for every student. It is quite time consuming. I hope the parents actually read them. There is so much extra work that goes into being a teacher. I think many people don't realize how time consuming the job is. It does not end when we come home. We need to prepare for the following class and make sure that grades get done and that activities get planned out well. I am in awe of my co-worker Pierina who works full time teaching 3rd graders though high schoolers. That would never happen in the States. You either teacher elementary school, middle school, or high school. (I guess you could teach k-8 if you were at a magnet school.)

I think that music education in general here in Peru lacks a lot. I realize that I am not the most qualified music teacher but I am learning and I definitely want to improve. That is the most important thing. I am sure there would be more music educators in schools as opposed to privately teaching if there were more programs available. Right now the best music education program out there is at the National Conservatory and it is a five year course that differs only slightly from a performance major with five classes. There are no masters options as of yet. There very well could be in the future though.

Something that is wonderful is that every year in Lima there is an International Suzuki Festival and there are always classes on Early Stimulation and Kodaly. I took a Kodaly class this past January and it was great. It was just an introductory course but I plan on taking the next level next year if possible.

There is so much untapped potential when it comes to music and musical opportunities for kids and adults in Lima. Education is key.

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