Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Té de Señoras

This month is Material de Guerra's month of celebration. Every specialty in the Peruvian army has a month when activities are coordinated and officers of said specialty get to celebrate their area of work. It takes form in lunches, reunions, ceremonies, and a gala. Last week I received a very nice formal invitation to the Tea for the wives of officers who specialize in Material de Guerra or War Materials. Ordinance is what it is called in US Army terms. I, of course, was very excited because this would be a great way to meet other army wives. We are living on the villa now which means I am living in a neighborhood of army wives and families but it is hard to meet people when there isn't a specific event. 

I called K who I met at the Black and White party and we made plans to meet up at L's apartment, another wife of a promo (graduating classmate from the military school) of Marco's. I met L's girls and I found out that the eldest has a violin and wants to learn how to play. Her dad said that she hadn't started because they didn't know who could give her lessons. Well it's funny you mention that... :) J brought out her violin to show me and I measured it for her. It's a 3/4 size and she is 8 so it is a bit too large for her. I have a 1/4 size that would be perfect for her though. I gave them my info and with any luck I will have a new student very soon!

When K showed up we headed over to the Circulo Militar where the tea was held in the Gran Comedor. Marco and I are having our reception in the Circulo and it was nice to see what the table dressings would look like. I didn't remember to bring my camera so the pictures I have are from the even photographer. 

As we walked in we were greeted by wives who gave us each a cupcake and a chocolate lollipop. One of the coordinators asked me if I was an officer. I thought she asked me who my husband was which is one of the most common questions I will receive at any military function other than where are you from. I told her and she had a surprised look on her face when she said "Oh you are a major from what country?" I clarified that I was a wife, not an officer to which she explained that there are occasionally female officers that visit. I am not entirely surprised that she thought I was an officer considering I decided to wear my hair up in a low bun. I definitely had the female officer look going.

We found out seats and another wife of a fellow promo of Marco's joined us as well as two other ladies. We were served pisco sours for a cheers made after a speech from the coordinator. She thanked the other women who helped coordinate which is standard for any speech made by a coordinator of a function and then she went into how we should be proud to material de guerra and a part of the family etc. etc. It makes sense because we are all married to officers who are in the field of material de guerra but none of us is really part of that specialty. I am proud of my husband though and what he does. It is nice to feel part the group.

We enjoyed a salad and chicken filled with jam with a side of fried rice. We were served wine and soda and our meals were topped off with a delicious custard dessert. While we ate dinner a Mariachi band played and made jokes. I had to go to the bathroom and when I was walking back this happened...

He just started following me and all I could do was motion that I had my table to get back to. Haha! They were a good group to listen to and they were pretty funny too. I had some trouble getting all of the jokes since the sound had a lot of reverb but overall it was really enjoyable. It is also pretty funny in general when a Mariachi band is trying to sing love songs to a group of married women. 

After the band finished there was a group of two female singers in skin tight short black dressed with high heals who sang various cumbia and popular songs as well as disco songs at one point. They weren't bad but the "piano player" was like many who I have played with in weddings who act like they play the piano but really put on a track and let the keyboard do the work. I don't think it is a big deal for an event like this but at a wedding I think it is a huge rip-off.

In between songs raffle tickets were chosen and one by one wives received prizes ranging from Renzo Costa wallets to microwaves and sandwich presses. More music played and we danced. More names were called and more prizes were claimed. We danced some more! I really enjoy the fact that there is dancing at these types of events and everyone does it. There is not shame nor shyness. 

Finally, it came down to the last three prizes and everyone at our table had won a prize. I gave my ticket to K so she could give me good luck. She wins things all the time at these kinds of events. Her husband won a car at one. Low and behold it worked! I won a blu-ray player! Not bad! I would never have bought a blu-ray player for myself but we are definitely going to use it.

I had a great time overall and we ended up staying 'til the last song finished and there were only a handful of us dancing. It was 10pm when we left! The tea started at 5pm but we weren't served until after 6pm. Still, that is a decently long tea if you ask me. 

I didn't really have any idea what to expect tonight but it was super fun and I am really glad I went. I am looking forward to having more interaction with some of the ladies I met.

I forgot to mention that there was a señora who had to have been in her 60s who was tearing it up on the dance floor. I am going to be just like her when I am in my 60s.

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